Install/Update on Joomla! Website

The installation of Centrora plugin in a Joomla! website is quite easy. Please follow the below steps. The method also works to update Centrora to the latest version when you already have Centrora installed.

Step 1.

Go to Joomla! administration installation page through Joomla! back-end –> menu Extensions –> Manage –> Install. Then go to the tab Install from URL.!_Install.jpg

Step 2.

Simply copy/paste the URL into the box:

and click Check and Install button.!_Install_from_URL.jpg

Step 3.

After we get the installation success message, let’s go to the menu Components –> Centrora Security to enter Centrora. On Centrora Panel, we need to install the database at Management –> Install/Uninstall for the first time installation.!_Install_DB.jpg

Step 4. Also, please make sure the Centrora System system plugin is enabled. You can enable it by clicking the Fix it button if you see the notice message in the above Management menu. Or you can go to Joomla! Plugins Management, Joomla! Extensions –> Plugins and search for “Centrora”. Enable it.!_Enable_Plugin.jpg

Congratulations!. Now the installation is done and we can continue the configurations.

Alternative Installation Method

If you have any troubles installing it using the above way, like the failed connection to our server or memory limit, please try the manual way to install it.

  1. Download the install package to your computer from your account section on our website or the direct link, Centrora Joomla! Package
  2. Extract the package “” on your computer.
  3. After the extraction, you can get a folder “packages” and find two packs in the folder “” and “”.
  4. Further, extract the pack “” on local and upload all files to the website /site_root/tmp/centrora folder through the FTP.
  5. Install it in Joomla! Extensions –> Install –> Install from Folder and enter the absolute path of the above upload directory to the box.
  6. Click Check and Install to start the installation.
  7. Do the same steps for the pack “”.
  8. Now it’s done and please follow the previous Step 3 and Step 4 to finalize the installation.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if there is still any problem there.